90210 s4 teddy ade navid silver 320 '90210' recap: Emily the DerangedWhen AAdrianna learns that her dreams of reality infamy are a no-go without Navid’s release form, she sets her sights on destroying the b**** that ruined her life. Naturally, she enlists Silver in this undertaking. Silver convinces Navid to sign the release so that AAdrianna will be distracted from her quest for vengeance. Unfortunately, it’s this very maneuver that results in AAdrianna seeing taped footage of Silver wearing the earring AAdrianna found in Navid’s bedroom and, thus, allowing AAdrianna to discover that Silver is, in fact, the b**** that ruined her life.

Speaking of bitches ruining lives, Scuzzin’ Emily ramps up her path to domination of the Bev Niner by convincing everyone that Annie is a horrible person. Frankly, it’s surprising it takes the lies and theatrics that Emily devises to make that happen. I mean, this is someone who killed a hobo and tortured us with her emo B.S. for the last two and a half years. In any case, Emily first tells Liam that Annie is violently jealous of their friendly relationship. Of course Annie overreacts like a maniac at the very mention that Liam is talking with Emily. He is weirded out by her jealousy… until Emily shows up at his house, wears nothing but one of his shirts, and asks to spend the night. Amidst all this, Emily also sets up Annie for failure on her job by ordering a soy latte, to which Emily is supposedly allergic. Annie reads her the riot act in front of her boss, which gives Emily the perfect opportunity to rip shit up at the playhouse, make it look like Annie did, and get Annie fired. Annie marches into West Bev and slaps the shit out of Emily in front of everyone in the quad and gets suspended, hurting her chance to get into college.

Also having trouble on the college front is Naomi. She learns that she’s been wait-listed at the college of her dreams, so she decides to supplement her extracurriculars with a sexy man calendar that will make money for charity. Silver offers to photograph the calendar, but Naomi’s computer falls apart mid-shoot. Naomi calls on her geeky crush Max, despite the cognitive dissonance she feels when she’s around him due to his nerdiness. He recovers the lost data, and she can no longer resist lunging at him. Sadly for Naomi, Max informs her that she’s not his type.

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