90210 s4 teddy ade navid silver 320 '90210' recap: The Fame MonsterThis week is full of beginnings and endings. Navid takes front and center as his careless words (something to the tune of “kiddie porn”) about his father have ramifications on his father’s career and his family dynamic. He tries to tell AAdrianna about the ongoing investigation of his father’s business, but she’s too absorbed in her own rising star to make time for him. As the distance between them grows, the problems on his home front grow worse. By the time she is club-hopping at Voyeur with a cadre of stylists and sycophants, Navid’s father has fled to Iran, and Navid has fled to seek solace in Silver.

Relationship dynamics take a much more pleasant turn over at La Casa Nueva. Annie does the requisite meet-and-greet with her Coffee Cutie’s friends, including his roommate-slash-ex-girlfriend, who intimidates her with freshman-psych regurgitations about Derrida. Naomi advises Annie that she can skip the intellectual pitter-patter and lock down CC with some hanky-panky. She also advises her to don crotchless panties and edible underwear, but we’ll skip that part. Inevitably, Annie embarrasses herself by stripping down in CC’s house and walking out into a room full of his roommates, but it ends up endearing her to him. He reveals he got his mysterious scar (the one he shares with Liam) during summers with his drunken, abusive uncle, and the two of them bond in their newfound vulnerability.

Debbie and Matthews also find themselves newly vulnerable since Jen flew the coop. Debbie hires a new nanny, who bails the minute she gets an audition for CSI: Miami, leaving Matthews with a baby and plenty of unsolicited advice from his high school students. Debbie volunteers to take care of Jacques, and Matthews’ late-night visit to the Casa to pick up the baby results in a shared dinner and a much-needed sympathy screw for each of them. They both acknowledge how awkward and inappropriate it was after the fact, but I suspect this won’t be the end of this little tryst.

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