90210 season 5 premiere dixon alive hospital '90210' Season 5 premiere reveals Dixon's fate and Silver's baby daddyIt shouldn’t have come as a surprise to learn that after getting into a major car accident during the “90210” Season 4 finale, Dixon was revealed to be alive (but most definitely not well) during the “90210” Season 5 premiere.

Was it restraint or an evil urge to keep viewers in the dark for that much longer that the show didn’t open with the Dixon news right away? Either way, it’s good to know that Dix will be okay (eventually), and that the Wilsons are a normal family because Debbie came back to be at her children’s side. (Hi Lori Laughlin!)

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Everyone was suitably distraught over the Dixon news — once they found out about it that is. After telling Navid that she and Dixon were definitely over (and sleeping with a cute Vegas club promoter), Adrianna rushed to her ex’s bedside (with her manager Austin’s blessing). It seems like she’ll be by his side during his recovery, though now that the club promoter might be in business with Liam and Navid, it sounds like there’s going to be a love triangle situation.

Bad news: It appears Vanessa is going to stick around to make Liam’s life hell that much longer, because after he accidentally burned the bar down while trying to sell it to pay her off and get her out of his life, she realized that he probably lied to the insurance company to get the money ASAP. Five hundred bucks says there will be an insurance investigation plot in the next month. (This is imaginary money, though.)

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Oh, did we note that while all this was going on, Naomi and Max accidentally drove a getaway car for a convenience store robber across state lines and landed in jail? Not only did they get out, they got married.

And finally, Teddy agreed to be the father of Silver’s baby. It’s still kind of a weird thing to happen, but we’re not complaining about anything that means we’ll have Trevor Donovan on our TV screens for an undetermined amount of episodes.

What did you think of the “90210” Season 5 premiere? Are you happy that Dixon is alive? What about all the other crazy stuff went down? How mad are you that Vanessa is back?

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