90210 silver adrianna '90210' spoilers: Is Adrianna suicidal?This season on “90210,” Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) has proved herself one of the most insufferably annoying characters on television, ever. Milking her 15 minutes of popstar fame for all its worth, she made a series of deplorable decisions for the sake of publicity and cash.

She behaved so heinously that ditching her boyfriend to pretend to date Joe Jonas doesn’t even rank on her list of bad choices.

Now that she’s discovered that Navid cheated on her with BFF Silver, she’s about to go from bad to worse, which we didn’t think was even possible. In the last scene of the most recent episode, Ade blasted a nude photo of Silver changing in the locker room to everyone at West Bev.

We won’t even bother talking about how creepy it is that Adrianna walked into the locker room of a school she doesn’t even go to and snapped nude photos of not one, but two high school girls.

Her reign of terror is only just beginning.

Silver was diagnosed as bipolar in Season 1, but she’s been good about taking her medication and she’s been managing her illness well. In upcoming episodes, Adrianna is going to literally drive her frenemy crazy when she messes with Silver’s medication cocktail. Silver, believing she’s still taking the same meds, is going to think her illness is getting worse. Things are going to get ugly.

If you didn’t hate Adrianna before, you will now. And you’re not the only one — by the season finale, the washed-up popstar isn’t going to be her own biggest fan, either. Candid photos snapped while “90210” was filming on location show Adrianna standing at the edge of a cliff, presumably contemplating jumping.

Maybe instead of messing with Silver’s pills, she should have sought some medical help of her own.

Will she jump? Lowndes, who was wearing a harness for the purpose of the shoot, didn’t take the plunge on location, but it’s possible that an actual jump will be added with special effects or shot with a green screen. This year, “90210” tackled a controversial coming out storyline. Will Season 4 bring a story about the aftermath of a teen suicide attempt?

We’d be sad to see Lowndes go, because she’s extremely talented, and because we miss Season 1 Adrianna. However, we’re not sure Adrianna can be redeemed at this point. What do you think, “90210” fans? Will you mourn Adrianna if she takes the leap? Would Season 4 be as juicy without her? Sound off in the comments below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie