shenae chelsea lately '90210's' Shenae Grimes sometimes begs for spare change on the streetIf you’re hanging out in LA and you see a girl asking you for your spare change who looks an awful lot like Annie from “90210,” you’re not crazy. On “Chelsea Lately” to promote “Scream 4,” Shenae Grimes admitted that she sometimes hangs out with homeless friends to help them panhandle.

“I feel bad, but I’m a cute girl, so I’m a really good sidekick for spanging. That’s what we call asking for spare change,” she says, noting that she has to draw some boundaries — she doesn’t let her homeless friends crash on her floor. “My mom would not be pleased if I started taking homeless people to my apartment.”

Now that they’re back from a harrowing trip to Japan — they were there when the earthquake hit — Grimes and her “90210” co-star Jessica Stroup have taken to wearing little hearts drawn near their eyes in support of the Japanese people who weren’t so fortunate as to be able to fly out to sunny LA.

“We’re doing everything we can think of. We’re starting a viral campaign called Spread the Heart,” Grimes tells Chelsea Handler. She plans to return to Japan once it’s safe, to do “hands on relief.”

The experience was memorable for Grimes. “When it initially hit, we were actually in front of this giant Buddha, which was bizarrely spiritual for a self-proclaimed atheist,” Grimes says. “It was crazy. The ground shook for like an hour and a half or something like that. It was wild. I was just kind of marveling at it.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie