michelle money bachelor in paradise speed date 'Bachelor in Paradise's' Michelle Money: Will third time be the charm?“Bachelor in Paradise’s” Michelle Money has practically seen it all in her time with the “Bachelor” franchise. The stunning, single mom didn’t find love during Brad Womack’s second time as the “Bachelor, and got a bad rap for being challenging for the other girls to get to know. Her “I’m not here to make friends” comment probably didn’t help matters either.

Then things started to look up for Money, when she found love with fellow “Bachelor Pad” Season 2 contestant Graham Bunn and the two came pretty close to winning the big prize. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in the romance department between Team Moneybuns — don’t worry though, the two are still really good friends — and the beauty threw herself back in the dating game, once again.

Money tells Zap2it ABC’s new bacheloresque show, “Bachelor in Paradise” couldn’t have come at a better time. “I’m at a place in my life where I really want to
find someone,” she says. “For me, it was like, to have the opportunity to go and
potentially meet someone who has kind of been through the same experiences I’ve
been through, as far as being on the show and being recognized and having your
life, and drama and rumors all over the internet. It is hard to find someone who can relate.”

With Graham Bunn also being on the same island looking for love, things could get awkward right — not for this confident lady. Money credits her former flame with being one of the reasons why she signed on for the first season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” as well as being the ultimate support system for her. 

“To go through something like this, it was really
nice to have Graham’s support and help. He was there for me. You’ll see me
crying multiple times to Graham about multiple different problems,” Money says.

Money says the experience of “Bachelor in Paradise” was extra emotional because it felt so much more real than in previous shows. This time around each couple gets to spend as much time as they want with whoever they want, so emotions tended to develop quickly. Money says to top it off, throwing new people in the mix constantly, “switched up the energy,” which might also be an explanation for the dramatic waterworks we keep seeing during the previews.

While she couldn’t reveal whether she is seriously dating someone from the show, she did tell us what quality the man in her life will not have: “If you are arrogant and talk about yourself all the time, that is a dealbreaker for me.”

Can’t wait to see if the third time’s the charm for Michelle Money on “Bachelor in Paradise” premiering Monday, August 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins