scott foley scandal felicity noel ben Team Ben or Noel? Remember birthday boy Scott Foley's part in 'Felicity's' love triangleBirthday boy and “Scandal” star Scott Foley has been in a lot of incredible TV shows over the course of his career, such as, “Scrubs,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “True Blood,” just to name a few, in addition to his current ABC hit. However, there is one role pop culture junkies will never forget of Scott’s — that of “Felicity’s” sexy resident adviser Noel Crane.

If you are not familiar, let us just tell you the Felicity, Ben, Noel love triangle will hands down always be regarded as one of the biggest in pop culture history. Although Foley’s Noel Crane didn’t have the same mystique as Ben Covington (Scott Speedman), there is something to be said for the fact he was such a positive force in Felicity’s life and always such a supporter of anything and everything she wanted to do, whether it be to pursue medical school or to collaborate with her on ideas like Loser Pet Store.

Ultimately Noel didn’t get the girl, but Foley won all of our hearts and that adoration continues on as he plays the sometime love interest of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Jake Ballard on “Scandal.”

Below find some of our favorite Noel scenes in celebration of Foley’s birthday, that if Felicity were watching she would most definitely rethink picking Ben. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins