mccrae amanda date big brother 15 A 'Big Brother 15' engagement, plus an MVP nomination explanationThere was romance in the air in the “Big Brother 15” house Sunday night (July 21), so read on to find out who got engaged. Or just sign up for the live feeds to find out who the replacement MVP nominee is going to be tomorrow.

big brother 15 engagement A 'Big Brother 15' engagement, plus an MVP nomination explanationSo, McCrae and Amanda had a date night because it’s McCrae’s birthday (which is certainly more dignified than Stripper Amanda). Then after dinner, McCrae “proposed” over the spy screen and gave Amanda a ring crafted from a fake diamond Elissa gave him and some twist-ties. It was kind of adorable.

Amanda asked Elissa to be her maid of honor and the whole house was hugging them and saying congrats. Except, of course, GinaMarie. She was moping and pouting because it should’ve been her and Nick. Because she is boil-your-bunny crazy.

Meanwhile, the house is trying to figure out what’s going on with the MVP this week. A lot of people think Elissa self-nominated, then had the POV comp rigged in her favor so she’d win POV and can take herself off (she did win, we’re assuming she’ll take herself off tomorrow).

Andy is the one houesguest who has really glommed into the idea that America is the MVP and they put up Elissa. Everybody in the house, though, has been kind of dismissive of that idea because she won MVP three weeks in a row. A lot of people online have also been dismissive of that. But think about this:

Let’s say for the sake of this example that there are 150 “Big Brother” fans out there voting on the CBS website and 1/2 of them are big Rachel fans (and therefore voting for Elissa to win MVP). Every week, Elissa got 75 votes and the other 75 votes were split between the remaining houseguests. Nobody got 75 except Elissa.

But then when the voting has flipped, the 75 people who like Rachel are split about voting on someone to nominate, while the 75 people who don’t like Rachel are ALL now voting for Elissa. So, it makes sense that she would both get MVP and get nominated by America. Half of the voters are voting for her, but half are voting against her. Which means always the other half is split between the rest of the houseguests.

Make sense?

So, Elissa will probably get MVP every week she’s in the house (unless somehow America can really rally behind ONE other houseguest), but Elissa will also probably get nominated every week America is MVP because the Rachel haters will vote her up.

Anyway, so, we can’t believe this hasn’t really occurred to the houseguests yet. It’s just math.

Either way, it really means that Elissa needs to go because this is getting boring and predictable.

Check back at Zap2it in the morning for an update of the nighttime shenanigans, and then later in the day we’ll find out the next-highest-vote-getter from America’s nomination when Elissa (presumably) takes herself off the block.

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