sherlock theme park england benedict cumberbatch pbs A 'Sherlock' theme park? Plans are being made in England

TV fans love “Sherlock,” but will they flock to a theme park based on the great detective?

The people behind a potential theme park in Portsmouth, England certainly must hope so, since there are plans to spend 25 million pounds on creating a “world-class multimedia experience,” according to British press reports.

This attraction wouldn’t just be about the current TV program though. Instead, the plan is to use artifacts from Portsmouth’s Arthur Conan Doyle collection (the author lived in the city for many years) as resources and would also feature plot reenactments and holograms of Sherlock Holmes characters. There are no details about whether the park would include television and movie adaptations of the character — including “Sherlock” — or if it would stick to the literary sources.

While still in its planning stages, fans can at least hope for a park in the future. Maybe there could even be a Sherlock-fake-death ride?

Posted by:Laurel Brown