a-to-z-press-tour-NBC.jpgNBC’s new comedy “A to Z” is one of the most promising comedies of the fall 2014 slate. It tells the story of Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda’s (Cristin Milioti) relationship, with an eight-month timeframe put on the relationship in the premiere. Executive producer Ben Queen confirms to the 2014 summer TCA press tour audience that the timeline given in the first episode will encompass the first season and the creators hope the time hook will keep viewers tuning in.

“Our hope is that to put that ticking clock on it will help
people to invest in whatever that moment is, whatever that change is and
everybody will be along for the ride,” says EP Rashida Jones.

However, “A to Z” is not an anthology show that will pick up with a new couple to follow for the second season. The “ending” of the relationship in the first season could be any number of things, and Season 2 will then explore a different aspect of Andrew and Zelda’s relationship.

“[‘A to Z’] will comprehensively look at an aspect of a relationship from beginning to end,” says Queen. “I was sort of ready to meet a couple in the first scene of the pilot and follow them and see what happens. I love relationship comedies. … Every season shows you one aspect of a couple’s relationship.”

Queen goes on to say that the genesis of Andrew and Zelda’s relationship is partially based on the way he met his wife and that he loves “the idea that you meet someone and you fall in love and then you see who they really are … the baggage you bring with you into [the relationship].”

He adds that the show will jump around in time, since he likes the idea of “being able to see into their past and what affected them and what caused them to have this fight one day.”

Despite the title, the show isn’t solely focusing on Andrew and Zelda’s relationship, however. The best friends, played by Henry Zebrowski and Lenora Crichlow, will also be featured.

“We help and are obstacles to their love,” says Zebrowski. “We’re the log-jammers, to use roller derby terms. … We provide advice. People say my character provides unsolicited bad advice, but I do feel that bad advice can be good, sometimes it can. You can get a new idea from bad advice.”

And Crichlow adds that her character is sort of a champion of love, so she’ll be there for Zelda when Zelda is feeling downtrodden about things, to help pick Zelda back up.

“A to Z” premieres Thursday, Oct. 2 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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