aaron hernandez jersey Aaron Hernandez jerseys now collectors' items   eBay prices rising

Only days after the NFL announced it would stop selling Aaron Hernandez jerseys and the New England Patriots offered to switch his shirt for another for free, the now-limited edition item is becoming a collector’s piece. The price for authentic and signed versions of the shirts continues to rise on eBay, with some items selling for over $200.

Hernandez, 23, was charged with first degree murder on June 26. He is also being considered in relation to a 2012 double homicide. The Patriots dropped him from the team following his initial arrest.

The highest sale was for a white, signed Hernandez 81 jersey for $550. Once news of the inflated prices hit the web, someone posted a white Hernandez jersey for $4,000. There have been no bids on it yet.

While there’s no doubt as to why many are opting to sell Hernandez’s jersey, the real question is who’s buying them, especially for this much money?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz