Aaron Paul doesn’t need to do much to convince us he’s one of the coolest guys around, but he consistently does so anyway. In his latest attempt to have fans screaming “Yeah b****!” in happiness, the “Breaking Bad” alum helped one man propose to his very lucky fiancée.

Jason Lord
uploaded a video of the proposal, above, to share with the world. While it starts out simple and sweet — he performs a song from one of their first karaoke dates for his girlfriend Jackie — it soon gets more personal when a video from her favorite actor popped up behind Jason.

“Hi Jackie. It’s Aaron. Hope all is well in Chicago. I just wanted to send you a message on behalf of my good friend Jason. I think you know him, who I understand has a very important question to ask,” the actor says in the video.

Amid Jackie’s gasps and tears, she manages to choke out a “yes” to Jason’s proposal. That’s when Aaron’s video begins anew.

“Oooh, I hope you said yes,” he says. “If you didn’t, it would be pretty awkward for everyone involved. Good luck to you two; couldn’t be happier for you. Yeah b****.”

aaron paul breaking bad yeah bitch marriage proposal Aaron Paul helps fan propose, complete with 'Breaking Bad' catchphrase

Yeah b**** indeed. Aaron later took to Twitter to reiterate his happiness for the couple:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz