aaron sorkin vanity fair oscar party 2012 gi Aaron Sorkin: 'To say I don't like the Internet is to say I don't like the planet'Aaron Sorkin is hardly anti-computers and technology, despite the blog posts stating so.
The writer of “The West Wing” and “A Few Good Men” is writing the screenplay for the movie about Steve Jobs, and the buzzing that he is averse to technology is ridiculous, he tells Zap2it.
“I have written on a computer since the beginning,” Sorkin says. “I began writing on an electric typewriter and once the Macs came, my two roommates and I chipped in. And I have had one since.”
“I am not anti-techie,” says the writer of HBO’s upcoming “The Newsroom.” “I have said some things about the Internet, but to say I don’t like the Internet is to say I don’t like this planet. I am troubled by the anonymity and the level of discourse and that’s where we are living now.”
To stress his point, Sorkin adds that his last movie was “Moneyball” which was the story behind the Oakland As rebuilding its team based on computer analysis. Before that, his film, “The Social Network” was about the creation of Facebook.
“And the next movie I am going to write is Steve Jobs,” Sorkin says. “Nevertheless, I rely on my 11-year-old daughter to help me. It’s incredible how intuitive they are.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler