the newsroom trailer Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom' trailer: Why so serious?HBO has finally released the first trailer for “The Newsroom,” its new show from Aaron Sorkin about a Keith Olbermann-type newscaster, played by Jeff Daniels, and his Very Serious, Very Important world of TV journalism.

Basically, it looks like Sorkin’s “Sports Night,” except with an insanely inflated sense of self-worth and without a sense of humor. That could be from the editing — there are no quips to be found in the two-minute teaser — but also… we get the feeling that this show takes itself very seriously.

Although HBO could’ve planned to roll this out on April 2 all along, but considering Olbermann’s highly publicized falling-out with Current TV last week, it makes sense to capitalize on his brouhaha. Olbermann serves as a consultant on the HBO show. (Or at least he did, at one point.)

Check out the trailer below. Is it way too serious for you, too?

Posted by:Jean Bentley