chloe abbys ultimate dance competition 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition': Abby Lee Miller doesn't understand anti bullying“Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” sent another dancer home this week, when the skill they were supposed to be showcasing was individuality with routines inspired by Lady Gaga.

For all the talk about “individuality,” Abby Lee sure seems to want to squash the spirit of little JoJo. In talking to JoJo’s mom about getting JoJo to shut her mouth, Abby Lee says, “I think if she were in public school and people teased her and threw her into a locker a few times, she might work on it.”

Then she goes on to say, “Now, Lady Gaga is very big on anti-bullying. I’m sure she was a very
‘different’ child and I’m sure she went through a helluva lot. I did
too. We all did. But we’re stronger. We’re invincible.”

Way to completely miss the point, Abbs.

During the routines, there were some great dances — we personally liked Trinity and Gianna the best. The judges were very torn about who to send home. In the end, they put Trinity, Ally, Chloe, McKaylee and Haley in the bottom, with the elimination coming down to Chloe and Haley. For us, Chloe was the weakest dancer and she is the one who goes home — until Richy uses his callback card to keep Chloe safe. He says he believes in her and that she’s going to emerge as a phoenix.

Here were the best lines from the crazy stage moms:

  • “Look at mommy — it’s all about being a star. Guess who’s the star? You are.” — Jessalyn
  • “Where’s Ally?! Point your toes, close your rib cage, stop crying! Whatta you want me to say to you when we’re in the d*** bungalow packing to go home? … I just am so frustrated. I want to shout, ‘OH MY GOD, YOU’RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT YOU SHOWED!'” — Tiffany
  • “Think positive. Don’t try, do it!” — Cindy
  • “If I take my focus off Chloe for a moment, that just gives Satan enough time to come in and bring fear to the situation.” — Angela
  • “I don’t need some mother from Nebraska telling me what to do with my own kid.” — Cindy
  • “I think Melanie is crushing her daughter’s self-esteem.” — Jessalyn
  • “This is my daughter’s career and I’m not letting anyone ruin it.” — Melanie

Do you think it was the right ending? We like Chloe as a girl, but we don’t think she should’ve stayed, necessarily.

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