young and hungry aimee carrero interview ABC Family's 'Young & Hungry' star Aimee Carrero calls Sofia 'the Ricky Ricardo to Gabi's Lucy' After Gabi accidentally sleeps with her new boss on ABC Family’s comedy “Young & Hungry,” she’s going to need all the help she can get. And that’s where her BFF Sofia comes in.

Aimee Carrero plays Sofia, Gabi’s roommate and partner-in-crime. “Sofia is the Ricky Ricardo to Gabi’s Lucy,” Carrero tells Zap2it on set. “She’s always bringing her back down to Earth. She’s very Type A, very much of a realist and has a lot of ambitions. Gabi does too, but Sofia is better at managing her time and her expectations. One day they’re going to be running a business together, and they have the right balance to make that happen.”

But before they can reach that level of success, they have to navigate their way through tricky situations like Gabi’s new personal relationship with her boss, Josh. And according to Carrero, the wacky shenanigans don’t end there. 

“We’re going to see them get into a lot of funny situations together,” Carrero says. “When someone you love is doing something, even if you don’t approve of it, you’re still going to help them and support them. Gabi is always getting herself into really weird situations and Sofia is with her till the very end.”

While Sofia doesn’t get to venture out of her apartment in the premiere episode (airing Wednesday, June 25), Carrero promises that she will get to meet the new people in Gabi’s life like Josh, Elliot and Yolanda in later episodes. 

“It’s hard to pull Sofia out of the apartment because it’s almost like Sofia is Gabi’s link to reality and to her old world,” Carrero says. “Josh’s place is very much the upstairs part of the upstairs/downstairs kind of story. But I am introduced to other parts of the show in later episodes in what I think is a really organic way. It’s not forced. The writers did a great job of introducing Sofia into the world.”

Carrero also appreciates the way the writers created Sofia, as an independent, hard-working woman. “I admire Sofia and I’m proud to play someone like Sofia,” Carrero says. “I’m always really drawn to female characters that aren’t always talking about boys, you know? I think that’s a rarity to find in the young adult genre. It’s rare to see girls that have their own goals and plans that don’t always revolve around boys or relationships. I love that that’s how the writers have chosen to write these characters. It’s more than just who they’re dating, what they’re wearing, or gossiping about drama, it’s about mature things like jobs and careers and ambitions.”

Those more grown-up issues are one of the reasons Carrero thinks that “Young & Hungry” is a great show for young adults to watch. “People should watch because it’s relevant and it’s funny and it’s got heart,” Carrero says. “It’s about a girl who doesn’t have it all together and that’s okay. That’s where we’re all at in our 20s, so it’s relatable but in a light way. If you have a bad day at work, you can come home and watch it and feel better. When I have a bad day I turn on ‘Friends’ and that makes me happy, and I hope that our show can be that for a new generation.”

“Young & Hungry” premieres Wednesday (June 25) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum