young and hungry emily osment interview ABC Family's 'Young & Hungry': Emily Osment teases wacky, heartwarming relationships ABC Family’s “Young & Hungry” may look like it’s all about food and cooking, but at its heart, it’s really about family — no matter how wacky and complicated that family may be.

Emily Osment plays Gabi, an aspiring chef who accidentally sleeps with her new boss, tech entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski), on her first night of being his personal cook (oops). After that first eventful night, Gabi and Josh learn to navigate their professional relationship without letting it get too personal, and helping them in that tricky endeavor is Josh’s personal assistant Elliot (Rex Lee) and housekeeper Yolanda (Kym Whitley).

Osment can’t wait for everyone to finally meet Gabi and her coworkers and boss. “This is a show for every audience,” Osment tells Zap2it on set. “It tells a story about a character who’s down and out, hasn’t been given the long end of the stick and she’s just trying to figure it out 99 percent of the time. That’s easy for anybody to connect with. She’s got a lot of umph and drive.”

But Osment knows that it’s the relationships that Gabi forms that will keep audiences coming back for more. “Watching Gabi and Josh is going to be so interesting,” Osment says. “The back-and-forth between these two characters who have such chemistry together and you probably know that they’ll end up together but you don’t know exactly when is so fun. I hope the audience roots for them. After the initial shock of, ‘Oh my god, what have we done? Alcohol is bad!’ there are going to be some awkward sitatuions they get into.”

The relationship between Gabi and Josh isn’t the only complex one forming on the show. Elliot and Yolanda, the two people tasked with taking care of Josh, are the best kind of frenemies. “Watching all the conundrums between Elliot and Yolanda is adorable,” Osment says. “It’s funny and when the cameramen laugh, that’s when you know it’s actually funny. Because they’ve seen it all.”

Once Gabi gets the job as Josh’s personal cook, don’t expect Elliot to welcome her into the family with open arms. 

“Elliot and Gabi have such a complicated and contrasting relationship,” Osment says. “It’s becoming like brother and sister a little bit where it’s bickering and fighting and teasing and it’s all playful, but there’s also a little bit of jealousy where they’re fighting for Josh’s attention. It’s so silly because he’s a dude, I’m a girl, and Elliot is fighting for a man’s attention who doesn’t have the same interest in him as he has because he’s in love with Josh. But I’m also in love with Josh so there’s this conflicting storyling with these two characters, one straight and one gay, both in love with the same person. It’s very clever.”

And where does Yolanda stand on Gabi’s complicated new relationship with Josh? “Yolanda is very much the mama bear, especially for someone like Gabi because Gabi lost her mom when she was only a teenager, so she’s protective of Josh and Gabi,” Osment says. “Yolanda keeps Gabi in line but also is there for a hug when Gabi needs one. So Josh, Yolanda and Elliot are becoming her new family and I know that the viewers will love this new family.”

“Young & Hungry” premieres Wednesday (June 25) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum