agents of shield clark gregg brett dalton ABC 'loving' working with Marvel, looking forward to Lucasfilm partnership tooABC is hoping that “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two divisions of Disney. And now that Lucasfilm is part of the Disney empire too, the network is looking forward to possibly bringing the Force to its airwaves.

“We are loving this [Marvel] relationship,” ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee said Sunday (Aug. 4) at the TCA summer press tour. The network isn’t actively working on any other projects with Marvel, but “we have lots of little schemes in back of mind,” Lee says.

Pre-“SHIELD,” ABC looked into developing a Hulk series and another based on the Jessica Jones character from Marvel’s “Alias” comics (no relation to the Jennifer Garner series). Those projects didn’t make it past the pilot stage, but now that they’re both fully under the Disney umbrella, more could be on the way.

“One step at a time,” Lee says. “… But certainly we have a glint in our eye for a lot of interesting shows.”

Lee says he also has a “glint in my eye” about Disney’s Lucasfilm partnership. A new “Star Wars” animated series is coming to Disney 😄 in 2014, and talk of a live-action show set in the “Star Wars” universe has been floating around for years.

Lee notes that Lucasfilm is rather busy with the relaunch of the “Star Wars” theatrical series at the moment, but ABC has “started conversations with them.”

“It would be nice to see over the next few years that we could use other strong Disney [intellectual property] besides ‘Once [Upon a Time] in Wonderland’ and besides ‘SHIELD,'” Lee says. “I’d love to go there.”

Posted by:Rick Porter