jewel acm awards 2013 ACM Awards 2013: Jewel sings from the heartWith the confidence of someone who has been there, and knows you can come out the other side, Jewel took the spotlight Sunday (April 7) at the 48th Annual American Country Music Awards.
She sang from the heart, with the chorus of “only kindness matters” filling the hall.
Jewel knows what it’s like to be hungry and homeless. 
Singer-songwriter Tori Kelly introduced Jewel singing a mash-up of Kelly’s “Fill a Heart” and Jewel’s “Hands.”

With the word “Hope” lighting the background and Jewel on her acoustic, it was a quiet, yet beautiful moment.
ACM’s Lifting Lives, the Academy’s charity, is working to fight against hunger in children, and offers more information.

Jewel looked a little too knowing when she sang, “in the end, only kindness matters.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler