the definition of Hollywood success is a giant house in the Malibu
Hills, a Bentley, two Oscars, an Emmy and three stints in rehab, then Adam Busch has a long, long way to go.

But if another definition of Hollywood success is doing fun sitcoms with cool people — whether in TBS’ “Men at Work,” or “MyMusic” on the Web — then the actor and singer in the indie-folk/rock band Common Rotation is on top of the world.

On Aug. 20, TBS announced the renewal of “Men at Work” for a third season, slated to air in early 2014. Busch plays ad salesman Neal, the only one with a steady girlfriend (Meredith Hagner) out of four buddies (with Danny Masterson, James Lesure and Michael Cassidy) who work on the staff of a magazine in New York City.

men at work cast tbs adam busch danny masterson james lesure michael cassidy Adam Busch talks 'Men at Work' renewal and his web series 'MyMusic'

Asked about the renewal, Busch says,
“By the end of Season 2, it felt like we were doing a one-act play in a
black-box theater in New York City every week with our best friends. I
look forward to picking up right where we left off and I hope things,
like Breckin, get good and weird.”
“Men at Work” is the creation of  actor, comedian, writer and producer and drummer Breckin Meyer, who also co-stars on the TNT legal comedy/drama “Franklin & Bash.”

Over breakfast in Marina del Rey the day before the renewal announcement, Busch tells Zap2it how he rates Meyer as a boss.
me, it’s a 9 or a 10, because he’s an actor; he’s around my age; he
comes from a similar background; and he’s into music. It’s really easy
to talk to him. We’re always on the same page.

“We all trust him immensely, because he has a very specific sense of humor.”
When he’s not playing with Meyer on TBS, Busch helps make Internet mayhem with filmmakers, new-media pioneers and brothers Benny and Rafi Fine. From their home base, the siblings have built a online presence, especially among teen users.
Their transmedia comedy “MyMusic” just launched its second season on the Fine brothers’ YouTube
. Set at a music-production company, it follows the
misadventures of the staff, each of whom is called by the name of his or
her particular music genre. “MyMusic” earned 30 million views for its
34-episode first season.
Busch plays hipster
Indie, the CEO of MyMusic. Like the other cast members, he also supports
and participates in the online world built around the show and its
“The character Indie has a Tumblr,”
says Busch, “and a MySpace and Friendster and probably a JDate profile,
a Twitter account. The characters tweet, and they exist, and they
comment, and they talk. The Fines respect me in that I don’t go out of
my way to blow that illusion for everybody.
participate as much as I can, and the lines start to blur, which is
funny, because I don’t consider myself a hipster. But, I live in the
Eastside of Los Angeles, and I wear tight-fitting clothing, so who am I
to criticize?”
Meyer has become a big admirer of the Fines’ connection to their loyal fans.


know exactly what their audience wants,” he says, “and they deliver it
to them, and I respect that. It’s amazing. They read the comments, and
they try to shape the show to what kids want. They see it reflected.
a character’s your favorite, you’re going to see more of them. If they
want two people to hook up, chances are you’re going to see that.
people work in a bubble and then present it to you, and they don’t want
to talk about it. Other people want [the fans] to be there every step
of the way, because it’s your show. The Fines have a vision, and they
have a sense of humor, and it’s always true to that.”
If fans see Busch on the street, they might not know which version of him they’re getting.
are the character Indie’s glasses,” he says, pointing to his
dark-rimmed, squarish pair with white bows. “I have Neal glasses, Adam
glasses and Indie glasses. I keep them all, and I wear different ones
every day.”
Here’s a peek at the first episode of the new season of “MyMusic”:

Posted by:Kate O'Hare