adam lambert tongue diving Adam Lambert's tongue diving: Zap2it commenters react“American Idol” finalist Adam Lambert started a new trend on Tuesday, Aug. 17 — tongue diving. He reached into a crowd of fans at one of his tour shows and exchanged a few smoochies with them — one guy and one girl, by the looks of it.

Zap2it commenters reacted strongly:

Kerry: THIS WAS SOOO HOT!! Adam is a rock star! Elvis did it and Adam is compared to Elvis and it was his own show (for fans not critics or haters) IF ELVIS CAN DO IT…ADAM CAN DO IT

Susan: Adam can dive into me anyday!!!! I am ready! He’s HOT stuff!! And that orgasamic voice is unbelievable!

Michelle: Lucky fans! I boy and a girl who he met at the meet and greet before the show. His voice on that video is freaking amazing!

Locke: Straight or gay– that’s just wrong.

Marie: Why is everyone talking about the kissing? What about that performance wow Adam Lambert you rock!

Julie B: Kissing is sodomy? Since when? Isn’t saliva inhospitable to HIV? Hate to shock you folks, but there isn’t a single person in that crowd who would have minded being the recipient of Adam’s kiss. Why does it bother you so much????

Kitty: the guy and gal he kissed were two fans he had met at a meet and greet earlier. It is called a good show and I was there.He sure can sang. It’s rock n roll and I like it, I like it.

Anonymous: Further evidence of how desperate Lambert is to remain in the spotlight, particularly when one considers just how imbecilic his fans are.

: How disgusting. He sings great, but yuck to the tongue diving. That is just going too far.

What side do you take?

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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