adam levine grammy 2012 gi Adam Levine, Beyonce, Ludacris: Your grammar makes us happyAlso: Daddy Yankee and Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson.

At least, when it comes to posts on Twitter. Of the world’s most popular musicians, the above people, on average, have the most grammatically-clean presence on that social media hub, along with Kelly Rowland, and the members of One Direction, LMFAO, the Jonas Brothers, Coldplay and Maroon 5. (Adam Levine‘s wedding invitations are gonna be spotless.)
Details? Sure! For every 100 words those people bestow unto us via the Twitterpipes, The Fame Fatale sees fewer than 6 mistakes, on average. In comparison, the most popular folks on Twitter in general-politicians, sports stars, actors-assault us with more than 12 mistakes per 100 words.
This information comes to me via automated proofreading company Grammarly, which, in turn, put it together exclusively for you people. Literally: This breaking-news post about Beyonce‘s grammar was commissioned just for you Fame Fatale fans. So you’d better keep reading.

Here’s how it worked: Grammarly pulled a sampling of the latest Tweets from the top 100 most popular musicians online. The apparent takeaway: Beyonce and Daddy Yankee and Jessica Simpson care about you way too much to pollute your eyes with improper use of apostrophes.
That said, make way for the people who live for nothing more than spitting on the AP Stylebook.

More than half of the words that fall out of Pauly D on Twitter are violations of our fair English language. (Unless you prefer that all of your words begin with capital letters.)
Also on the naughty list: Snoop Dogg (35.8 mistakes per 100 words); Ciara; J. Cole; Nicki Minaj; Justin Bieber; Jaden Smith; Jason Derulo and Larry Fisherman.
“Hip hop musicians make the most writing mistakes on Twitter-18.4 mistakes-followed by R&B artists at 15.4 mistakes,” a Grammarly person tells me. “Hip hop musicians also are the worst at grammar, with 14.3 mistakes per 100 words, followed by country musicians with 12.1 mistakes per 100 words.”
That’s right, people. Country folk can sang, but they don’t care less about y’all’s lingual needs.
All that said, there’s something you should know before bringing down your hammer of judgment, even on Bieber: There’s a strong chance that many of these people aren’t doing their own Tweeting. Many celebrities pay other people to do their Tweeting for them; Britney Spears has done this, for example. 
So maybe Simpson keeps an AP Stylebook in her purse…or maybe her publicist does.
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