adamsandler funnypeople 290 Casting Call: Adam Sandler will play 'Jack and Jill'; 'Entourage' star heads to 'Georgia'; Milla sees 'Faces'Adam Sandler is going both ways for his next comedy. In the fine tradition of comedians cross-dressing, Sandler will play both titles roles in “Jack and Jill,” according to Variety.

Details are scarce, other than that Sandler will play twin brother and sister Jack and Jill as part of a romantic comedy. Sandler will also play producer on the film through his Happy Madison company.

Filming begins early in 2010 for a 2011 release.

— Emmanuelle Chriqui is taking a break from the easy life of “Entourage” to head down to “Georgia.”

Okay, not the U.S. state, but the Eastern European country: Chriqui and Val Kilmer will team up for Renny Harlin’s drama about the conflict between Georgia and Russia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chriqui will play a Georgian native who falls in with reporter Kilmer during the fighting.

Milla Jovovich will trade in aliens for serial killers. The “Fourth Kind” star has agreed to star in “Faces in the Crowd,” according to Variety. She’ll play the almost-victim of a serial killer who loses the ability to distinguish faces.

That, of course, means the killer can stalk her on the sly.

Filming begins in March 2010.

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