greatest event in television history paul rudd adam scott adult swim Adam Scott and Paul Rudd in 'The Greatest Event in TV History' 4: What show is next?

There will be yet another “Greatest Event in Television History” on Adult Swim this winter. Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”) will be joined by Paul Rudd for this mysterious and glorious occasion. Jeff Probst (“Survivor”) will return to host the countdown once again.

But what ’80s show will the comedians be spoofing this time?

Based on a photo released by Adult Swim on Wednesday (Jan. 15), the mystery series involves two men who wear white t-shirts and sport loose and flowing hair. There may be others who appear in the credit sequence, but it’s likely that these two will be the primary focus.

If “The Greatest Event in Television History” 4 follows the pattern set by its predecessors, Scott and Rudd will provide a shot-for-shot reenactment of some 1980s-era program. The original “Greatest Event” featured Scott and Jon Hamm recreating the opening credits to “Simon & Simon.” Scott recruited his “Parks and Recreation” costar Amy Poehler for the second “Greatest Event,” bringing “Hart to Hart” to the modern screens.

The third installment was a little more ambitious, requiring the skills of Catherine O’Hara, Kathryn Hahn, Chelsea Peretti, Jon Glaser and Jason Mantzoukas to recreate the opening credits for “Too Close for Comfort.”

“The Greatest Event in Television History” 4 will air Thursday, Jan. 23 at midnight on Adult Swim. What will be the newest parody? Offer your guesses in the comments section!

Posted by:Laurel Brown