adele rap song with tinie tempah Adele recorded 'filthy' rap song with Tinie Tempah, but it will never be released

Everyone knows Adele has one of the most powerful voices in the music business … but did you know she also has a mean rap game?

Yeah, we didn’t either until now, thanks to Adele’s close friend Tinie Tempah. According to Tempah, the singer even showcases her cockney rhyming slang and potty mouth in her never-before-heard raps.

After he first heard her rap back in 2011, he recently revealed the 25-year-old singer’s secret skills while filming Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” TV show on Wednesday (Oct. 30). 

“Adele helped me pick some of the songs for [my new] album [‘Demonstration’],” Tempah said. “She has a rap. She was with me and [rap friend] Labrinth in the studio when he recorded ‘Earthquake.'”

So why hasn’t Adele’s rap skills been revealed before? “Nobody really knows this. She recorded a rap and she told us that if we ever played it to anyone she would sue us,” Tempah revealed. “So when you talk to her next, ask her about the rap. It is really filthy as well.”

Are you bummed we’ll never get to hear Adele’s “filthy” raps? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum