the glades canceled cliffhanger jim shot season 4 endings ae A&E cancels 'The Glades' after a cliffhanger: How could it have ended?

A&E has canceled “The Glades” following a four-season run. The crime drama had its season finale on Monday (Aug. 26), giving fans a cliffhanger ending that will now remain unresolved.

Just days after the show enjoyed its best ratings of the season — 3.4 million viewers watched the finale — and only one day after the network announced a renewal for another show, “Longmire,” the “Glades” cancellation comes as something of a surprise.

Why was “The Glades” canceled? As of now, it’s a mystery on which no one connected to the show has an immediate comment.

After its premiere in 2010, “The Glades” became the first scripted drama series to receive a renewal from A&E. The show, created by Clifton Campbell, is the story of an ex-Chicago cop named Jim (Matt Passmore) who takes a job in the swampy, sweaty land of Florida. Over the four seasons, a romance developed at the center of the story between Jim and Callie (Kiele Sanchez), a medical student.

The two characters were supposed to get married in the Season 4 finale, but Jim didn’t quite make it to the wedding. While readying his gift (a house), an unidentified person shot Jim in the chest, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

So what happens next? Officially, we may never know. Here are, however, some possible endings:

1. It turns out that Callie’s criminally inclined ex somehow showed up to pull the trigger. Following a TV-quick recuperation (made faster by Jim leaving the hospital against doctor’s — and Callie’s — orders), Jim hunts down his would-be killer. The wedding happens in the spontaneous happiness that follows.

2. The killer remains a mystery for many episodes (perhaps an entire season, depending on how “The Glades” would want to play this). Meanwhile, Jim and Callie call a do-over on the wedding. For the season finale, a murderous person who turns out to be related to a past case is found and brought to justice.

3. It was all a dream. Jim wakes up (unhurt) and realizes he’s not ready to commit to marriage. Many episodes deal with a left-at-the-altar scenario before these two realize they were meant for each other and elope.

4. The “shooter” is a friend of Jim’s, the “blood” is paint, and all of this is the equivalent of a really-late bachelor party. Callie is kind of mad when her fiance is tardy and blood-stained, but they reconcile and have a lovely evening.

5. Jim’s dead. The series ends on a surprisingly down note.

Which ending could it have been? You choose — or write your own as a comment!

Posted by:Laurel Brown