marvels agents of shield best lines of the week abc 'Agents of SHIELD,' 'American Horror Story' and more of the best lines of the week

It has been a very quotable week on television. Enjoy that with some of the best lines from shows like “Agents of SHIELD,” “American Horror Story: Coven,” “Bones,” “New Girl” and more.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched everything on TV this week.

“It’s a brave new world, boys. Don’t you read the papers? Anyone can listen in on your phone — even when it’s turned off.” – Carter on “Person of Interest”

“I would happily build a treehouse and spend the rest of my days dodging poison arrows and lost boys as long as I had you by my side.” –Snow White on “Once Upon a Time”

“Do you want to keep playing, or do you want to win?” – The Mother to Barney on a “How I Met Your Mother” flashback

“I can’t be part of your bad girl shenanigans.” – Simmons to Skye on “Agents of SHIELD”

“There are dogs tracking us, and you bring a prosciutto sandwich?” – Ward to Fitz on “Agents of SHIELD”

“Rumors of my demise have been … pretty much true.” – Recently undead Officer Andy Brooks on “Sleepy Hollow”

“Strawberry lube?” – Christy
“They were out of ham flavor. Don’t eat it in the car.” – Bonnie on “Mom”

“I do consider myself to be a tactful person. That’s a very attractive tie. You don’t even notice the milk stain on it.” – Brennan on “Bones”

“No one appreciates the power of the mollusk!” – Hodgins on “Bones”

“My love for you is stronger than my gag reflex.” – Angela on “Bones”

“I have no interest in cases I have no interest in.” – Red Reddington on “The Blacklist”

“No one wants to talk to you, Remy. You’re the press.” – Caleb on “Ravenswood”

“Klaus Mikaelson can suck it.” – Josh (and probably everyone else on New Orleans) on “The Originals”

“I don’t need to work out. I’m old-fashioned Coney Island fat-strong.” – Nick on “New Girl”

“Hey, what’s up, Jason Street?” – Nick to wheelchair-bound Winston on “New Girl”

“Ride that hotdog hat all the way to the Moon!” – Jess on “New Girl”

“No manners, no bacon.” – Terry to The Cannon on “Back in the Game”

“You’ve been given sight … It’s the greatest gift to have and the hardest one to live with.” – Fiona on “American Horror Story”

“Truth be told, I really don’t wanna be powerful. I just wanna find a good husband and have three kids. I think I have a really good shot, I work out and I play fantasy football.” – Kaylie on “American Horror Story”

“Talking to you on the toilet isn’t exactly a picnic for me either. Remember, when you can hear me, I can hear you.” – Sheldon to Leonard‬ on “The Big Bang Theory”

“Ann, you beautiful, noble land mermaid.” — Leslie to Ann on “Parks and Recreation”

“Maybe I didn’t realize what you went through as a kid because you handled it so well.” – Mike
“It’s OK. I got a lot of sympathy make-outs because of it.” – Ian in “The Michael J. Fox Show”

“Technically yes. But actually, no. Not really. So, no.” – Audrey, on whether or not she knows Nathan, in “Haven”

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