agents of shield coulson raina 'Agents of SHIELD' Episode 10 'The Bridge' recap: What happened the day after Coulson died?

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” brought all of the loose strings of Season 1 together for one big cliffhanger in the show’s 10th episode, “The Bridge.” To tease fans over the brief midseason break, the ABC Marvel series brought Centipede to the forefront and had Coulson’s team lose their leader.

While “Agents of SHIELD” still hasn’t reached it’s full potential, “The Bridge” proved definitely getting there. The Centipede revelations shown in “The Bridge” were there all along in the previous nine episodes for those willing to look for them. For an organization so intent on creating the ultimate human, it was a nice twist to have them take Coulson to discover what happened “the day after [he] died.”

That means Coulson’s death is going to be finally, finally dealt with after “Agents of SHIELD” returns on Jan. 7. There are plenty of theories for why Centipede is so interested in Coulson, but it seems likely that the “Clairvoyant” — whoever he or she is — is curious about what brought Coulson back. In a promo for episode 11, Tahiti doesn’t look to be such a magical place after all.

Just like SHIELD has been becoming aware of Centipede ever since the pilot, so too has that criminal organization realized the threat of this SHIELD team. Finally viewers start to see why Coulson’s crew is so special in targeting Centipede, though Skye’s question of why SHIELD didn’t send in more than just Mike Peterson — as great yet flawed as he is — to act as their backup is definitely valid.

With Victoria Hand returning in upcoming episodes, it could be that SHIELD didn’t want Coulson to have more backup. Just like Hand considered Fitz and Ward expendable back in “The Hub,” that case could be the same on the current mission. And it’s no secret that Hand doesn’t have a problem keeping secrets from Coulson, so why would that change now?

Speaking of secrets, May and Coulson are being pretty awful about the identities of Skye’s parents. While she is spending her downtime looking for them on the understanding that Coulson is going to help, he’s busy hatching plans with May to derail Skye. Then May turns around in a moment of anger fueled by her feelings for Ward and lashes out on Skye? Seriously uncool.

Hopefully there is a pretty great twist for that story arc, and it’s not as simple as Skye secretly being Coulson or May’s daughter. There better be a really, really solid reason for their secrecy, or else it will end up that they were just being unfair for no reason to Skye.

Also, how about Coulson’s little love confession about the cellist to Ward in Lola? It’s nice to get to know more about him as the series goes on.

As for Mike Peterson’s return, J. August Richards did a wonderful job of showing a different side of this formerly troubled man. Now viewers can see the good guy he truly is, though his showcase of that seems to have cost him his life. Hopefully the revelation that it was FitzSimmons’ weapon that stabilized the serum Centipede gave him doesn’t put a target on their heads as well.

“Agents of SHIELD” has been adding way more questions than answers in recent episodes, and “The Bridge” was no different. Right now we’re still wondering what’s the deal with Coulson’s death, why Skye can’t know who her parents are (and who they are, for that matter), who the Clairvoyant is, and what the hierarchy at Centipede is. Raina’s adoration for Edison Pope and the fact that she’s disconnected from the Clairvoyant seems to imply that she’s pretty far down the food chain there.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz