zap marvels agents of shield season 1 episode  003 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 15 'Yes Men' recap: Did Ward always want Skye?This week, “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” uses the story of Lady Sif and formerly-imprisoned Asgardian sorceress Lorelei’s fight over Earth to make some of its biggest plot developments so far.

Episode 15, “Yes Men,” is one of the best episodes of this season. It takes having Lorelei use her magic on Ward for it to finally come out that (seemingly) he has feelings for Skye. Also, having Sif around gives Coulson someone to ask about the mysterious blue creature he found at the end of episode 14.

She doesn’t have a simple answer for him — there have been plenty of blue creatures she’s encountered in the universe (including Kree), but only the frost giants have come to Earth. That’s not much to go on for him, and he’s clearly not satisfied with the answers.

In the end, Lady Sif defeats Lorelei and brings her back to Asgard — but not without her fair share of damage. Melinda May and Ward seem to be over, and not just because he and Lorelei have sex. Instead, it’s because Ward (again, we don’t see this, but it’s the implication) confesses to Lorelei that he has feelings for Skye. And boy, May is not happy about that, even though she doesn’t say it outright.

At least the showdown causes Coulson to tell a healed Skye that the source for the medicine she took is alien. Her response isn’t as extreme as he would like, as she notes she is already an 0-8-4 and so goodness knows what other secrets she already contains.

It’s that storyline that pushes “Agents of SHIELD” forward toward the end of Season 1. Coulson and Skye are going to track down their own answers, and they aren’t going to tell the team what they’re doing. That doesn’t seem like a smart move all things considered, but as Coulson notes, there are a lot of dead people and huge secrets that kept these things under wraps from them.

It’s end up that there’s a good reason for his caution, because the final scene of the episode shows May eavesdropping on Coulson and, after she hears what he tells Skye, calling an encrypted phone line and saying, “Coulson knows.” Is May really a villain, or is this a misleading scene? Hopefully the latter, but that’s a nice twist.

One interesting continued thread in this episode is the absence of Nick Fury. Agent Sitwell brings up that Fury is off the grid early in the episode when Coulson comes to him to ask for a favor. Considering Fury is a bit part of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” these could be some early nods to what’s going to happen in that movie. Fingers crossed.

What did you think of “Yes Men”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz