agents of shield episode 19 abc 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 19 'The Only Light in the Darkness' recap: The light turns on for Skye
RIP, Eric Koenig, we knew you for too short a period of time. The greatest loss in “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 1, episode 19, “The Only Light in the Darkness,” was the best new addition to the series, Patton Oswalt.

It makes sense why Koenig would need to die. Grant Ward needed to be outed as a villain, and Providence couldn’t be uncompromised for the rest of the season — where’s the drama in that? But Oswalt brought a wonderful levity to the series, and his perfect comedic timing was welcome for the almost-one-full-episode length of time he was on “Agents of SHIELD.”

If “The Only Light in the Darkness” did anything, it made it clear why it is a bad move to get emotionally attached in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it be to a friend — as with May and Coulson — or to a love interest — as with Skye and Ward, Coulson and Audrey or Fitz and Simmons — life never ends well for those who have someone else they want to look out for.

The most tragic of these love stories is between Coulson and his Cellist. He can’t even have the love of his life know is alive, as much as he misses and needs her. At least that makes him come to terms with his anger for May, who he is ready to forgive.

The turn for Skye and Ward’s love story, which was a fan-favorite at the beginning of Season 1, is also upsetting. At least she quickly realized Ward was an enemy, though it sadly was at the expense of Koenig. She is now playing him just like he is playing her, though she will end up in a HYDRA viper’s nest before the end of this.

Some fun personal notes: May’s mom being in an agency as well is a great twist, as is the fact May is looking for Maria Hill. Also Fitz’s one-sided love for Simmons is as adorable as the fact he won’t admit it to himself.

One other note: The best part of the show now is the fact that instead of saying “Agents of SHIELD” will return in a moment when it cuts to commercial, Clark Gregg now just pauses and says “will return in a moment.” Let’s hope this sort of attention to detail continues as the show builds up to its finale.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz