agents of shield nothing personal episode 20 marvel 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 20 'Nothing Personal' recap: What comes next?“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” had its biggest and best episode to date with “Nothing Personal,” poorly executed Lola flying sequence and all. If there were any doubts that Chloe Bennet is one of this season’s ones to watch, this is proof enough. She was simply phenomenal in this episode as Skye was out for vengeance, and she popped off the screen in all of her moments opposite Brett Dalton.

This series is at its best when it focuses on its characters, and “Nothing Personal” was a perfect execution of that. Ward may or may not have feelings for Skye, but he certainly isn’t coming back to SHIELD any time soon. Fitz had just as much trouble coming to terms with Ward’s betrayal as audiences have, but for fans the news should finally have sunk in.
One important thing to note: Deathlok acted like he was getting orders directly from Garrett, but the person communicating through his eye spoke of Garrett in the third person. Does this lend some evidence to the theory that Zola is actually the Clairvoyant, or at least working with him? We’re viewing it that way.
Adrian Pasdar was great in his few scenes as Glenn Talbot, and here’s hoping “Nothing Personal” isn’t the last seen of him. This is likely Cobie Smulders’s final appearance as Maria Hill this season, but again, a great addition. The acting really was fantastic in this episode across the board, as these characters no longer have to hide who they really are any longer.
The big question is: What comes next for “Agents of SHIELD.” It’s a question that fans have been asking since “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” disbanded SHIELD, as the title of the show no longer is true. In this episode, their journey is left unclear. Next week Coulson & Co. will go after Ward and try to get back their plane, but what then? What journey will justify a hypothetical Season 2?
And what about what May was up to? She pulled a USB drive out of Coulson’s grave, and it had the information about who was behind TAHITI. It turns out Coulson was the one working on the project, but the reason why he doesn’t remember is because the only way anyone is able to survive the TAHITI project is by having their memory erased. That explains why Fury went to it as a last resort, and why Coulson is so discombobulated. He also refers to the blue alien thing as a “guest host,” and doesn’t reveal what it is.
The side effects of a person treated with the drug is them eventually turning psychotic, which makes Skye a ticking time bomb … unless her 0-8-4 status makes her special, as many assume. Chances are that becomes a major plot point for the final two episodes of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 1.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz