marvels agents of shield season 1 episode 5 girl in the flower dress recap 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 5 'Girl In the Flower Dress' recap: Skye's secret revealed

Maybe Skye isn’t such a bad kid after all. After “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” spent the last five weeks building up the hacker’s mystery, Coulson finally had enough of her Rising Tide antics and made Skye show her hand. As it turns out, Skye’s big bad secret isn’t so big or bad after all: she’s just an orphan trying to find out any and all information about her parents.

That quest ended up being harder than Skye initially expected, as her decades long search to find out any tiny tidbit about the people who gave her up left her with only one mysterious document — that, of course, was redacted by SHIELD. Seriously, that was why she was so dead set on infiltrating SHIELD; because she wanted to see if she could dig deeper into the mystery of her family. 

Coulson agrees to help her, but it’s clear that he wasn’t too happy with her keeping secrets after the events of this episode. It makes sense that Skye wouldn’t have any truly bad ulterior motives, though, as episode 5 “Girl In The Flower Dress” was all about showing that she really does believe information should be free and used for its best purposes.

Despite a red herring of a preview clip, Skye really is a good guy after all, though she’s knocked herself down a few pegs in Coulson’s eyes. In this episode, Skye was reunited with Miles, her Rising Tide mentor and fling, but her continued affiliation with him was found out by her SHIELD team. That ultimately led to Coulson losing all patience with her and forcing her to reveal her hunt for her parents — and prove yet again that she’s loyal to SHIELD’s cause.

But Skye’s big reveal wasn’t the only major plot development in “Girl In The Flower Dress.” Centipede made its triumphant return after being relatively nonexistent since “Agents of SHIELD’s” premiere. In the time between those two episodes, the organization found a way around the whole Extremis combustion problem by finding a human with superhuman abilities, draining his platelets and leaving them to die.

Of course, that mission didn’t go exactly as planned. The unfortunate superpowered person was a man named Chan Ho Yin  who could make fire appear in his hand and always wanted more from his abilities. That opportunity seemed to present itself when Centipede — led by new villain Raina — kidnapped him and drugged him up with their superpowered serum. With new bulked up abilities and a new nickname (Scorch), he didn’t take too nicely to Centipede betraying him to use his platelets to fix their flawed serum — or SHIELD trying to save him.

In an interesting twist, Coulson couldn’t save Chan from himself. Instead, he had to let Chan implode after the man let power corrupt him and went on a bit of a homicidal rampage. That left both Chan and Debbie (the doctor from Centipede who Mike Peterson met with in the pilot) as piles of ash, while Raina got away to plan bigger and badder trouble for Centipede to get up to. 

The episode ends with Raina, who was the titular girl in the flower dress, meeting with an incarcerated man whose help she needs to enter Centipede into Phase Two. She also asks him to meet with a mysterious “clairvoyant” to help them get to Phase Three. It was pretty cryptic and a big tease, but definitely has us intrigued.

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” will return with a new episode on Nov. 5. What did you think of Skye’s big twist and the progression of the Centipede storyline?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz