mike peterson deathlok agents of shield abc 'Agents of SHIELD' gets more Marvel: Deathlok and Lorelei confirmed

At a visit to the set of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” two major Marvel comics characters were confirmed to be joining the ABC drama. Deathlok and Lorelei’s additions were announced by Marvel’s Jeph Loeb, with Lorelei joining in episode 15 alongside Lady Sif and Deathlok being the next incarnation of Mike Peterson, who is shown in episode 13.

“We’ve been leaving breadcrumbs along the way. This is a major Marvel character appearing on TV, on film for the first time,” Loeb says.

Peterson has been a recurring character in “Agents of SHIELD” since its premiere, and he went from being a confused lab rat of Centipede to an agent of SHIELD. After being revealed as alive and sort of well, albeit captured again by Centipede and missing an eye and a leg, at the end of “Seeds,” it turns out that J. August Richards‘ character will now be turned into the cyborg Deathlok.

In many ways, Deathlok could be the foil of Agent Coulson. Like Coulson, Deathlok has been brought back from the dead, though his body was reanimated by cybernetic technology. It’s still unclear exactly how Coulson was brought back from beyond the grave, but that’s an answer the Clairvoyant has been desperate to discover. Deathlok will make his first appearance in Feb. 4’s episode “TRACKS.”

A clip showed to press at the set visit revealed what is likely episode 13’s first nod to the fact Peterson is now Deathlok. In the video, Peterson watches his son play in a partkfrom afar, and holds up a piece of paper on which is written, “Can I see my son?” His digital eye responds, “Not yet,” and then the camera reveals that he has a new metal fake leg that has the words “Cybertek” and “Deathlok” impressed into it.

lorelei asgardian marvels agents of shield 'Agents of SHIELD' gets more Marvel: Deathlok and Lorelei confirmed

As for Lorelei, who will be played by Elena Satine, she will be the reason Jaimie Alexander‘s Lady Sif comes down from Asgard in episode 15. Lorelei is an Asgardian villain who fosters some feelings for Thor, and in a clip shown to press she taunts Sif on board the Bus by saying the Avenger considers Sif “more of a pet.” That’s enough of a reason for things to get physical between the two women.

In the two other clips shown to reporters at the visit, Bill Paxton‘s Agent John Garrett interrogates a captured and bloodied Ian Quinn. Ming-Na Wen later implied to Zap2it and other reporters that it was Melinda May who left him in that state. In the clip, Garrett demands of Quinn, “Tell us about Cybertek and the Deathlok program.”

Then there was a longer version of the Stan Lee cameo clip first seen in the “TRACKS” promo. Coming after Simmons and Coulson pretend to have a father-daughter fight, Lee plays a character followed by two attractive women who tells Coulson he’s in the wrong. It’s pretty adorable.

“He was so lovely, very gentlemanly. So much energy! I mean, filming on a train is not an easy thing to do. It’s very rickety. He’s amazing. You meet him and you think he’s 45, and he isn’t. He’s such a legend; I still can’t quite believe it happened,” Elizabeth Henstridge previously told Zap2it of Lee. “I hope he comes back.”

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz