agents of shield melinda may dead 'Agents of SHIELD': Marvel's Melinda May never actually died

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” seemed to drop a bomb on viewers in “FZZT” when Melinda May and Agent Coulson seemingly said that May had died and been brought back to life like Coulson. But according to co-showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen, that isn’t May’s big secret after all — and she never actually died.

“That is a misinterpretation,” Tancharoen tells TV Guide. “They were just connecting on an emotional level about being scared by a traumatic experience. You come back from a trauma like that changed and all you can do is move forward.”

She continues, “It’s nice that they have that moment together because you feel the history of their friendship and you feel that, even though their relationship may be different now because she is a different person, there is a still a nice grounded touchstone that they have with each other.”

The scene made it easy for misinterpretation, as May tries to comfort Coulson over the fact that anyone who has died would be changed by the experience. “You know how long it’s taken me to … ” she says to him, to which he replies, “I know.” It’s easy to understand the intent now that Tancharoen clarified it, but with the characters on the show knowing more resolutions to mysteries than the audience does, it had been nice to finally feel in the know about something big.

How did you interpret Coulson and May’s conversation?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz