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Another week of TV is in the books, and with it come many memorable lines of dialogue. After all, quite a big big things happened in primetime over the last of week, the most monumental of which was “Agents of SHIELD” picking up where “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” left off in theaters. Below, read some of the best lines from the week of April 6 to 12.
‘The Big Bang Theory’
Sheldon: “The magazine article suggests that one of the ways to get over a break-up is a new look.”
Leonard: “What about your old look, Well-Groomed Ventriloquist Doll?”
Sheldon: “Geology is the Kardashians of science.” 


Fitz: “Somebody out there wants me dead.”
Mellie: “[snort] You think it’s just [one] out there.”
Huck: “What’s wrong with a construction site dumpster? Large debris, easy to hide, regular pick-ups.” 
Charlie: “High chance of hobo with shopping carts.” 
Huck: “Less risky than feeding him to pigs.” 
Charlie: “It works. I have a guy.”


Tony: “You know it’s bad when Morgan, the girl you can’t tell if she’s a pillow or a person, you know it’s serious when she’s up off her a** and looking for this Idol.”

Selina: “God bless you, et cetera.” 
‘Agents of SHIELD’
Garrett, talking about Hand: “Don’t get me wrong, she’s definitely gone nuts.”
Coulson: “We’ll fly in there and face the music — even if it is the HYDRA theme song.”
Garrett: “This is me being honest.”
Coulson: “No John, this is you being a psychopath.”
Fitz, through tears to Garrett: “You’re going to suffer for what you’ve done, and I plan on having a very big part of it.”
‘Parks and Recreation’
Ron, to Ben: “Put some alcohol in your mouth to block the words from coming out.”
Ben: “Aww man — this wine bottle is all out of the wine!”
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