agents of shield ragtag garrett abc 'Agents of SHIELD': Will Garrett's mystery be revealed in 'Ragtag'?

Agent John Garrett (Bill Paxton) might be HYDRA, but there is still plenty “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” audiences don’t know about him. Is he really the Clairvoyant (because after all the twists and turns the show has pulled, it’s fair to have doubts)? Is he at the top of the HYDRA food chain? And what is up with his neck scar and metal side?
Based on the new photos from “Agents of SHIELD” Season 1, episode 21, “Ragtag,” fans might find out some answers about at least the last question in the penultimate Season 1 episode. Two images released show Agents Coulson and May looking at a file of a body that looks a whole lot like Garrett, based on that metal side.
The images show May and Coulson have infiltrated Cybertek in “Ragtag,” and seem to be undercover looking for some information. Whatever they find in the two images attached to this article, it’s enough to give both May and Coulson shocked expressions.
Chances are there are many more twists and turns in store for “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” in its last three episodes. But it’s been a hard pill to swallow that Garrett really is the Clairvoyant, and the man pulling all the strings. Even Raina and Ian Quinn were disappointed. 
The going theory is that Garrett could be the SHIELD agent who “died” saving baby Skye. The folks who turned Mike Peterson into Deathlok have a habit of taking formerly good SHIELD agents and turning them into villains, so could that be what happened to Garrett? If that’s the case and he is partially working against his will, it could be a way of bringing Grant Ward back into the SHIELD fold as well (though we really don’t want that to happen).
Whatever information comes out of this file that May and Coulson are looking at, it’s sure to be surprising. “Ragtag” airs Tuesday, May 6. The synopsis reads: “Ward ‘s betrayal and HYDRA’s shocking secrets are revealed as Coulson’s team goes undercover on a mission that leaves no one unscathed.”
“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Only three episodes remains in Season 1.
agents of shield ragtag garrett 'Agents of SHIELD': Will Garrett's mystery be revealed in 'Ragtag'?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz