clark gregg marvels agents of shield newscom 325 'Agents of SHIELD's' Clark Gregg: 'I love going to Comic Con'Zap2it: The first public showing of the “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” pilot was at Comic-Con in San Diego. Since you were there, how was that experience for you?

Clark Gregg: To see that audience groove on the pilot and like the parts that I think are funny, and gasp at the parts that I think are surprising, was really something. I love going to Comic-Con. I mean, I loved going there just when I was buying comics, but I really love going there now.

Zap2it: Is it true that the series pitch to you was that there would be no “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” unless it included you, resurrected as Agent Coulson?

Clark Gregg: My feeling is that no one said that to me until after the contract negotiations. Certainly, when we announced at New York Comic-Con that this was going to happen, that was very much part of the presentation.

[Coulson] gets to be kind of a superspy and a nerd and snarky. I’ve always suspected that he had some paramilitary training, and now I’m getting to find out that he does.

Zap2it: How enjoyable is it for you to discover more of Coulson’s background?

Clark Gregg: The people who know me well laugh at seeing me in a suit so much, because it’s just not who I am. I’m usually in shorts, playing basketball or doing Brazilian jujitsu. I’m just someone who loves sports and athletic stuff, and that’s a part of my life that I really am excited to bring to this.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin