al davis getty Al Davis, Oakland Raiders owner and NFL legend, passes away at 82Al Davis, Oakland Raiders owner and a legend in the college football and NFL world as a coach, commissioner and owner, has passed away at the age of 82. No cause of death was immediately released.

The Oakland Raiders, which Davis has been owner and general manager of since 1970, released this statement on the official site:

The Oakland Raiders are deeply saddened by the passing of Al Davis.

Davis was unique – a maverick, a giant among giants, a true legend
among legends, the brightest star among stars, a hero, a mentor, a

Al Davis was the only person in professional football
history to have been a scout, assistant coach, head coach, general
manager, commissioner and owner.

He was an innovator, a pioneer
with a deep love and passion for the game of football.  His
contributions to the game are innumerable and his legacy will endure
forever through generations of players, coaches, administrators and

Al Davis was a champion of diversity who maintained the
courage of his convictions. His passion for the game we all love is best
exemplified by his famous phrase, “COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE.”

fire that burns brightest in the Raider organization, “THE WILL TO
WIN,” will continue to blaze through the legacy of the great Al Davis.

Below is a video from an ESPN segment on Al. RIP. Just win, baby.

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