alaska the last frontier discovery 325 'Alaska: The Last Frontier': Jewel's homesteading family gives roadkill for gag giftsDecember is a big month for the Kilcher family of Homer, Alaska.

Singer Jewel, granddaughter of Yule Kilcher, who left war-torn Europe for the Alaskan wilderness, spent the month as a judge on the NBC a cappella music competition show The Sing-Off,” which wrapped up its season Monday, Dec. 23.

Meanwhile, her Uncle Otto, father Atz, and their homesteading wives and children are stars of the Discovery Channel reality show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” On Sunday, Dec. 22, fans got a look at how the Kilchers celebrate Christmas.

In case you missed it, here are some details.

Asked what the holiday is like on an Alaska homestead, Otto Kilcher says, “You know, just bleak and dark, and hopefully we’ll have some dried moose meat or something on the table.”
Actually, Kilcher might have more than moose meat, since he keeps cattle on his land.

While he can’t share details of what’s going to be on the show, Kilcher gives an idea of how the family has celebrated in the past — and that included sharing with neighbors also facing a long, dark winter.

“We just try to go outside the box,” he says to Zap2it. “Last year, we had extra hamburger, so we went around the neighbors, and I just gave away hamburger to some of the neighbors that were short of meat.

“We also had a big potluck party here at the house. We had one of those white-elephant gift exchanges. We had some pretty funny things in there. We like to put humor in everything.”

The Kilcher family has a somewhat unique idea of what’s makes a good gag gift, though.

“We had found a road-killed snowshoe hare,” says Kilcher, “that was really kind of pretty the way it had frozen. So we put a ribbon on it, wrapped it up and put it in a box. One of the girls got it, and she just loved it. She wanted to take it back and put it on her desk. We told her it would thaw out.”

As for treats, Kilcher describes making snow ice cream: “We used to take fresh cow cream, brown sugar and snow. That’s really good.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare