alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: Keep Your Guard UpThis week, we get our first guard out of the missing 63s. He’s Guy Hastings and he seems like an all-around decent fellow. Back in the day, he had a family with him on the Rock and took pride in his job training the new guards. When he shows up in the present day, he spends some time reminiscing in his old apartment and beats up a park ranger who surprises him. The guard lives to tell the tale, so the A-Team figures out who they’re looking for. But how to track him down? Except for the ranger, he’s not leaving a trail of crumbs/crimes behind him like the other 63s.

They eventually work out that Guy’s daughter Annie is still alive. Under the pretense of working on another Alcatraz book, Doc and Rebecca ask to see her father’s old belongings. Among them is a photograph of Guy with Rebecca’s uncle, Ray Archer, back in their guard days. About this time, the bartender at Ray’s Bar calls to say that he’s gone missing. That’s because Guy has nabbed him and demanded to know the whereabouts of one Tommy Madsen. (It’s what the mysterious “they” have told him to do.) Ray tries to play dumb, but his fifty years of lies are starting to unravel. In flashbacks, we see a young Ray becoming a guard at Alcatraz so he can be closer to his old friend Tommy. Ray’s superiors are immediately suspicious, but they don’t know the half of it.

In trying to figure out where Guy has taken Ray, Rebecca and Doc figure out that Tommy and Ray were actually brothers. Ray changed his name from Madsen to Archer before he went to work at Alcatraz. In the end, the A-Team captures Guy without much bloodshed, in part because they reveal that his daughter’s still alive. Rebecca also figures out that there’s something extra special about Tommy in this whole mystery and that Hauser needs her because of their connection. This, she realizes, gives her the upper hand in dealing with Hauser. One day, maybe she’ll punch him with it. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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