alcatraz jorge 'Alcatraz' trailer: The most dangerous men from the '60s invade the present“On March 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed. All the prisoners were transferred off the island. Only that’s not what happened. Not at all.”

So says the first official trailer for FOX’s new drama “Alcatraz” from J.J. Abrams about the country’s most infamous prison. The project stars “Lost” alum Jorge Garcia, Sam Neill and Sarah Jones. The good? The show looks amazing and has an extremely interesting concept. The bad? It’s for midseason, so we’re going to have to wait and we’re extremely impatient. Luckily, “Alcatraz” scored a pretty good time slot — Mondays at 9 p.m. following “House.”

The crime drama set at the country’s most infamous prison
and follows an investigative team looking into the disappearance of its
’60s inhabitants. All of the prisoners (203 men) who vanished are now popping up in 2011 — “the worst criminals this country has ever known are coming back and no one’s going to be able to find them because they don’t exist,” says Sam Neill’s character Emerson Hauser in the trailer.

Jones plays Detective Rebecca Madsen whose homicide case takes an interesting twist when a fingerprint at the crime scene belongs to Jack Sylvane, an Alcatraz inmate who supposedly died decades ago. Garcia plays Dr. Diego “Doc” Soto, an Alcatraz expert and comic book junkie who helps Madsen with her investigation.

Will you be watching “Alcatraz” on FOX come midseason, Zappers?

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