alec baldwin accused gi Alec Baldwin denies accusation he used racial slur against photographer

“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin is being accused of using a racial slur against a photographer, in New York City Sunday, which he denies. The New York Post reports Baldwin accosted one of their reporters when she asked about the pending lawsuit against his wife, Hilaria Thomas.
According to the Post, Baldwin grabbed the reporter by her arm and said, “I want you to choke to death.” He then allegedly addressed a photographer, G.N. Miller, using a racial slur, before calling him a drug dealer. Miller identified himself as a retired NYPD cop at a certain point, presenting an ID, which Baldwin supposedly dismissed as fake.
The police were called, with Baldwin and Miller filing harassment complaints against each other. The reporter evidently taped the confrontation, however TMZ reports that there is no evidence of a racial slur being used on it.
Baldwin spoke with Gothamist about the incident. His version is a bit different, though. He claims Miller was following him, and bumped into him using his shoulder. “It happens sometimes,” he says, “because they want to bait you, they want you to do something.” When Baldwin got home, he called the police. 
Miller was still there when cops arrived, Baldwin says, and that’s when he identified himself as a retired officer. The men filed their reports, and the cops went on their way. Later, Baldwin was shocked when his publicist informed him that Miller had accused him of using a racial slur. The actor tweeted, “Why did the photographer make no mention of this when the cops showed up? Cops make rather good witnesses.” 
Baldwin maintains that no racial slurs were used, saying, “If you want to put words in my mouth…I’ve certainly had my moments. But this is not one of them. I don’t think I’ve ever uttered a racial epithet to someone in my lifetime.”
This isn’t Baldwin’s first run-in with the press. Last June, he stopped photographers from harassing his neighbors, one month after he allegedly punched another photographer.
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