alec baldwin michelle malkin gi Alec Baldwin, Michelle Malkin trade Twitter barbs over Troy DavisLike many Americans, Alec Baldwin was incensed about Wednesday’s (Sept. 21)  execution of Troy Davis in Georgia. His outrage at the death took the form of a Twitter war with conservative blogger Michelle Malkin after Davis was killed by lethal injection.

“Waiting for Hollyweirdo @alecbaldwin ‘s ‘I am Troy Davis’ tweet…,” wrote Malkin.

“Davis is dead Does that make you happier, @michellemalkin?” he replied.

Baldwin continued: “Everyone tweet that great thinker @michellemalkin and ask her what killing a potentially innocent man does to make you safer.”

“@AlecBaldwin Direct your minions’ ire/rage/profanity/racism/sexism at the US Supreme Court, not me,” wrote Malkin.

“I wonder if @michellemalkin will push the needle in herself on a man the former FBI director said might have reasonable doubt on his side,” wrote an increasingly agitated Baldwin.

“Every sensible American is appalled when police officer is killed,” added the ’30 Rock’ star. “But the attendant charges are grave. U don’t want 2 kill an innocent man.”

Malkin then accused him of dragging the dead officer’s family into his “Bush Derangement Syndrome” rant.”

Read the full, un-cut exchange below:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson