alex and sierra one direction x factor Alex and Sierra are One Direction's 'X Factor' favoriteOkay, Alex and Sierra might have been pandering a bit when they chose to perform One Direction‘s “Best Song Ever” on the same night the British “X Factor” sensation was in town to perform, but it worked. Harry Styles and Liam Payne told Zap2it after the Top 10 performance show that the duo were their favorite act of the night.

“I thought it was ace. He’s got a great voice, he has,” Liam told a small group of reporters after the show. “We thought [their cover] was wicked.”

Luckily, Alex and Sierra weren’t really nervous about impressing the song’s original artists as much as they wanted to wow the judges. “It’s funny because I was thinking more about impressing the judges mostly,” Sierra tells the same group of reporters backstage. “The producer that we work with is the one that wrote the song, so we knew he wouldn’t let us go out there doing a botchy version or something the boys wouldn’t like.”

And here’s an awww-worthy moment you’re going to love. After Sierra got a few negative comments during the duo’s critique, she was visibly upset leaving the stage. “We’re walking off stage and Harry comes up behind us and goes ‘You guys. that was brilliant! We loved it. You guys did such a good job with that song!’ That was incredible that he would come out of his way to say that to us.”

But that’s not all: as Alex walked Sierra to the bathroom to compose herself, Niall Horan saw her looking upset. “He’s comforting her, hugging her, talking to me,” says Alex. “He said, ‘Don’t take things too tough. Make sure that you’re positive and confident and next week just come back and kill it!’ He’s a great guy. He and Sierra ended up slow dancing together at one point. We took a cool picture of me with my arms crossed, looking at them angrily. It was great!”

So, essentially, these dudes are as great as you want them to be. Says Alex, “They are just cool guys. They were at one point in the same position as us, and they are still just those guys.”

They’re so down-to-Earth that Alex hopes their meeting could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. “I invited [Harry] to go surfing,” says Alex. “I said, ‘If you guys are ever in town just let me know, I’ve got a bunch of surf boards. Let’s do it!'” 

After Alex and Sierra found out that Harry said they were his favorite, they were pretty excited. Jokes Alex, “So maybe he WILL go surfing with us.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley