alex and sierra scarecrow acoustic video today show Watch Alex & Sierra's video for the acoustic version of single 'Scarecrow'“The X Factor” Season 3 champions Alex & Sierra have finished recording songs for their debut album and are now on to the press tour part of the album release process. The couple already put out an adorable video for their first single, “Scarecrow,” now there’s a video for the acoustic version of the song, too.

And this time, they’re actually in it!

Watch the pair in the recording studio, going on hikes throughout Los Angeles, hanging out, and being adorable (like always). There’s a reason you liked these guys on “The X Factor” (they were the best act), there’s a reason their cuteness isn’t annoying (it’s genuine!) and there’s a reason they’re going to be the show’s most successful act ever (they’re legitimately good).

Check out the new video below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley