alex rodriguez mlb suspension biogenesis Alex Rodriguez suspension from MLB expected Monday

It looks like Major League Baseball is prepared to hand down a very long suspension to New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, due his reported connection to the Biogenesis clinic. According to ESPN, A-Rod is likely to become the most accomplished player in the league’s history to receive a suspension.
Sources familiar with the situation say that Rodriguez and roughly 12 other players will be suspended Monday (August 5). A-Rod’s sentence will likely extend through the end of the 2014 season. Deliberations between commissioner Bud Selig’s office and A-Rod were said to have ended Saturday when Selig said he was done negotiating.
Meanwhile, Rodriguez, who hasn’t played during the 2013 season due to a hip injury, says he is headed to Chicago, where the Yankees begin a three-night series against the White Sox Monday. Rodriguez has been playing with a minor league affiliate of the Yankees as he got ready to return to the team’s main roster.
The Associated Press reports Rodriguez can continue to play for the Yankees while appealing a suspension, should he go that route. If his appeal fails and he stays suspended through the end of the 2014 season, A-Rod will be out $34.2 million on his contract. Rodriguez is alleged to have received human growth hormone from the Biogenesis clinic in Florida. His name was first tied to the establishment following a January report from the Miami New Times, after an investigation.
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