alfonso ribeiro spell mageddon abc family Alfonso Ribeiro talks 'Spell Mageddon,' the curse of being Carlton Banks“Spell-Mageddon” premiered on ABC Family Wednesday night (July 24), featuring host Alfonso Ribeiro of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” guiding contestants through spelling challenges while also being pelted with fire extinguisher foam or dunked into icy water.

Ribeiro did a conference call about the show and he wants you all to know how funny it is, which we think is maybe a case of the lady doth protesting too much. But anyway, here are the best lines from the call:

“It’s really a comedy show … the things that we are doing to these contestants are amazing.”

We’ll be the judge of how funny it is.

“Obviously, this is on ABC Family’s comedy Wednesdays following Melissa and Joey and Baby Daddy.” 

Don’t forget to pimp the other stuff that’s on.

“I think that the comedy aspect of this show is what’s really going to drive people to the show and keep people coming back week after week. It is really, really funny. Every episode that we’ve shot I’m laughing in the episode because I can’t do anything other than laugh. It really is just that funny.”

Yeah, we get it — it’s funny.

“This is one of those shows were you go, this is an obvious television show.  I think America, when they see it, will fall in love with it.  I think it’s just so funny.”

We aren’t sure this is something that just screams “television show,” but OK. 

When asked if people will like the lowbrow aspect: “I don’t think it’s lowbrow in any way because we’re not spelling cat. We’re not spelling dog. We’re spelling psychedelic, psychology. We’re spelling words that some people have a hard time spelling if they’re not good at spelling.”

It’s still a little lowbrow, though. You zap people.

On having been Calrton Banks on “Fresh Prince”: “It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Obviously, the fans who have adored me and loved me and show me their love on a daily basis is flattering to say the least. … The curse part is when you’re literally at a urinal in a public bathroom and people walk up to you, tap you on the shoulder and ask you to do a dance for them.”

But how would Carlton do on “Spell-Mageddon”?

“I think Carlton Banks would win Spell-Mageddon.  Obviously, he was super smart.  He was still relatively athletic.  He was unwavering in his convictions.  I think Carlton would’ve done very well on that show.”

We’ll give you that one.

What did you think of “Spell-Mageddon”? Are disappointed it’s not a wizard-themed movie on Syfy?

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