alice eve star trek into darkness spinach diet Alice Eve says 'Star Trek' diet was spinach plus starvationAlice Eve, best known as a journalist seduced by Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) on “Entourage” and the braless nanny in “Sex and the City 2,” landed herself a lead role in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness,” and immediately went on a very bizarre diet.

The 31-year-old blonde tells The Telegraph that for five months after being cast, she subsisted on mainly spinach. “You’ve got to look as if you can hold your own on the Enterprise,” says Eve. “And that means you’ve got to be in proper fighting shape.”

It’s hard to believe a diet so lacking nourishment could put anyone into “fighting shape,” but maybe the lack of protein explains her clumsy debut on Abrams’ set. Eve went running on to the Enterprise and tumbled over straight on to her behind. “Literally, this was the first take of the first day’s shooting,” Eve says. “It was pretty bad for me, but everyone else seemed to find it very funny.”

Abrams finding Eve funny is a big part of why he cast her in the sequel to 2009’s “Star Trek.” “My wife Katie had seen Alice in the TV series ‘Entourage’ and suggested I watch her,” says Abrams. “It was clear straightaway that Alice was whip-smart and funny and could sell the reality of the role — despite being drop-dead gorgeous. She also had a great spark and a feeling of sunlight — the perfect qualities to bring into the darkness.”

Now if she’d just eat a piece of bread … “Star Trek Into Darkness” hits theaters May 17.

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