all my children canceled 2013 cast photo online network 'All My Children' canceled again, and this time it's probably for goodSoap fans are used to evil twins, backstabbing, and resurrections, but this time, the latest soap opera death seems permanent. “All My Children,” the soap canceled by ABC that returned more than a year later as a web series from production company Prospect Park, is officially done, according to several of its stars.

Stars Debbi Morgan and Cady McClain took to social media to mourn for the show they’d both spent years of their lives devoted to. Morgan responded to a fan on Twitter where she spilled the beans that “the show is not coming back,” calling it “so sad” and a real bummer.”

Meanwhile, McClain wrote on her Facebook that although the cast had been told they’d get another season, they were recently informed that wouldn’t be the case. “If you aren’t hearing anything about the ending of AMC as we know it, it’s really out of shock. I am also trying to allow [Prospect Park] to have the moment to contact all the actors and explain what is and has been going on with AMC, and then gather themselves to try and explain it all to you, the fans,” she wrote.

But since this is the soap opera world we’re talking about, and “AMC” already won several legal battles to live online in the first place, McClain isn’t giving up completely: “Certainly hope springs eternal that we will yet again, spring from the dead,” she wrote.

Do you think this is really it for “AMC”?

Posted by:Jean Bentley