alicia minshew amc 320 'All My Children': Daytime Emmy nominee Alicia Minshew on the show's 'last hurrah'Alicia Minshew says “All My Children” is “going out with a bang.”

She should know. With the end of the ABC serial’s 41-year run slated for September, her portrayal of Kendall Hart Slater has earned her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination as outstanding lead actress in a drama series. CBS will televise the 38th annual ceremony from the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday, June 19, and Minshew envisions that night being packed with varied emotions.

“I think that first of all, it’s going to be fun,” Minshew tells Zap2it. “All together, ‘All My Children’ got 13 nominations, so I think it’s going to be a big celebration of going out on a high note. I also think it’s going to be crazy-emotional, because it could be one of the last times we’re all together as a group representing our show.

“Maybe they’ll do some kind of tribute to both the shows,” Minshew adds, referring to “AMC” and fellow soap “One Life to Live,” which will leave ABC in January. “I would hope that they would. I think it’ll be a really fun time, but the emotions will be heavier than usual, because it’s almost like the last hurrah in a way.”

With Kendall being the daughter of Erica Kane, Minshew has done much work with daytime-drama queen Susan Lucci over the past nine years of “AMC.” She says Lucci, who finally won her own Daytime Emmy in 1999 after 19 earlier bids, “has handled [the cancellation] so beautifully. She’s trying to make peace with it the way the rest of us are, I think, and trying to be the strong leader. She’s a trouper, I can tell you that.”

Married to an owner of New York restaurants with whom she has a 18-month-old daughter, Minshew largely has been in Los Angeles for the past year, since “All My Children” relocated production there. She says she hasn’t yet determined any moves beyond the end of her “AMC” work, but she’d accept a call from any of CBS’ or NBC’s ongoing daytime serials.

“I almost haven’t thought about it, because I am so focused on finishing up the story here and what my family and I are going to do,” she says. “We’re living in California, but our roots are on the East Coast. Timing is everything. I would be flattered if anyone asked me [to do another soap], but I’d really have to see where my head is.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin